About Jean Hausmann

Jean Hausmann is a teacher, coach, and author. She teaches classes in Wisconsin and Arizona, and wrote the book The Tale of Eating Beauty: How She Broke the Food Spell and How You Can Too!.

jean_headshotMuch of my life has been about learning to live a life of balance. Beginning in college, my body was never right; usually too fat. Over the years I have been on many
diets, used diet pills, and joined several weight loss groups.

As this crazy pattern continued I finally realized that it was my inner life that was driving this madness. As I call it, I was under a food spell.

Because of my lack of self-worth, fears and insecurities, food had all the power. All this resulted in a crazy relationship with food. If I went to a party, it was not about seeing people and having fun; my concern was what would there be to eat. I was driving myself crazy with this obsession! Food ran my life. My feelings of self-disgust were rampant. I felt fat, ugly, and like a loser.

It’s more than about the exact weight of your body and a culturally accepted figure. It’s about what food is doing to your life and how you feel about yourself and who you believe yourself to be.

I did my last weight loss program over 20 years ago by learning and implementing a new approach to breaking the spell and taking back my power over food. Life now is about living life with all the exciting possibilities, not about what’s the next thing I should or shouldn’t eat. I am excited to coach you to do the same thing.

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  • Jean has studied, practiced, and taught body/mind/spirit health techniques for 30 plus years.

  • Jean has earned a Master’s Degree in Theology from Holos University focusing on body, mind, and spirit wellness.

  • Jean has graduated from Coach University.


Jean currently teach in colleges in WI and AZ. Her most popular course is Weight Loss from the Inside Out. Other courses include classes in Spirituality, Methods for Self-Empowerment, The Power of Thought, Living a Balanced Life of Health and Wellness, and Connecting to the Healing Power of the Earth.

Jean is also available for (and enjoys) speaking presentations and workshops on any of the above topics. For appearances, she can be reached here.