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Here are some of the latest testimonials for The Tale of Eating Beauty by Jean Hausmann.


This book was so original and knowledgeable. I love the idea of a “spell” and I love the way Jean Hausmann makes the store so easy to fallow and retain the information and tools. Unlike any other weight loss book I have every read I couldn’t put this one down. I have started applying what I have learned to my every day life and I believe I have broke the “spell”. I have lost over 20 pounds!!! Thank you Jean!!!!!


I connected to the principles of this book and lost almost 20 pounds! There is a “food spell”!! When I am under the spell I eat when I’m not hungry, and eat unconsciously. Jean Hausmann knows all the ways I sabotage myself and use food not to live for health, but to feed the deep unhealthy grooves made in my mental concepts by habitual emotional eating. Now, when I go back to the book…just reading the deep truths in bold print bring me back to the awareness I need. The awareness to break not only the food spell, but the negative thinking spell. So this is not just another dieting book, it is a living book. Thanks, Jean Hausmann.


I am a middle-aged woman who has bordered on obese for over 20 years. And for 20 years, I have been ashamed of the way I look and what my look says about me. I have now lost 17 pounds and I have confidence that I will continue. Jean Hausmann has it right: weight loss starts with changing the ideas that have held me back for years. Diet and exercise are still difficult, but my inner self now keeps telling me that I can do it. I highly recommend this book.


This is an enjoyable and cleverly written book about losing weight. This is not a diet book, but rather a way to look at your personal approach to how you eat and why you sabotage yourself every day with what you choose to eat and how much food you consume.

The author has personally lived with a weight problem, so the book reflects her personal experience in battling her own weight loss demons.

To help you review a topic that is pertinent to your weight problem, the book is divided into descriptive chapters such as: “The Power Of Choice,” “But I Would Rather Not Exercise,” and “Life Will Always Give Us Reasons to Use Food.” At the end of each chapter are questions for the reader to review and answer in a personal journal to help with daily motivation.

This is a great book to help make lifestyle changes to loose those extra pounds you have been carrying around for way too long!!!

-Mary Ann

I found The Tale of Eating Beauty. It gives sound advice about sustained weight loss and lifestyle change. I fully agree with the author that sustained weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight requires a change of attitude. Crash diets won’t do. The author’s advice is very realistic and practical recognizing that there will be ups and downs in any change of behavior. The importance thing is to not give up and keep moving forward. She’s very helpful with motivation and sustaining change. The writing style is very creative and empathetic. She doesn’t lecture or preach at you but gives a first person account of how it’s done over the long hall. I highly recommend this book.



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