Book: The Tale of Eating Beauty


JeanHausmannCover_master_trimmedThe Tale of Eating Beauty

How She Broke the Food Spell
and How You Can Too!

by Jean Hausmann

A lifetime dieter, Madge has just about given up hope of ever getting out from under the power of food. Will she ever have a body she loves, not just in weight and size, but a body with energy, health, and vitality?

She is filled with remorse, anger, and disgust on the day she meets Viv, a mysterious woman who offers to show Madge how to break free of the spell that food has over her. As her journey unfolds, Madge learns that losing weight permanently begins by changing from within. Viv shows her how to accept herself and become conscious of choices and their consequences.

Challenging useless beliefs, finding her own power, dealing with what sabotages her, and developing her self-esteem are just part of what Madge needed to do. In the end, she no longer needs diets. She has become an empowered woman in charge of her life – and with the body she loves!

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