Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

Why is this so hard?  Why does losing weight involve so much pain? Why do I have to pay such a price to weight what I want? Are these familiar questions that stream through your mind when you are faced … Continue reading

Making a New and Serious Effort

I’ve written blog posts on loving and accepting ourselves as is, and I have even recorded a meditation to help create that state for us. It is imperative that we not hate ourselves when trying to make changes to our … Continue reading

Making the Right Food Choices

Doesn’t this just show us perfectly how our minds work? It’s frequently a choice between something that we believe will support our weight loss program or something that won’t. It can turn choices into either/or and, too often, the or … Continue reading

Are You Mungry?

Maybe everyone but me knows what mungry means but I first heard the word from my son-in-law. When I asked what it meant, he said, “It means mean and hungry.” What a perfect word to describe many people when they … Continue reading

Ask Viv: I’m Stuck at a 20 Pound Loss!

Question of the Day Dear Viv, I am absolutely stuck at a 20 pound loss and have 25 more to go. I have tried fewer calories and working out more, but nothing seems to work? What should I do? Mary … Continue reading

Two Must Do’s to Lose Weight

It’s always interesting to me when I teach my weight loss class or work with individuals to see how much people hate their bodies. We want our body to be a certain size, weight, or to have a certain level … Continue reading

Counter Negative Thoughts with Positive Thoughts

Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive! Did you ever stop to consider that your body may be eavesdropping on your mind? This coming week, try to counter every negative thought with at least one positive one. When … Continue reading

Live Foods Vs. Dead Foods

My dieting days ended a while back and since then food has changed its meaning in my life. I used to think that there were two food groups: good foods and diet foods. Good foods were processed, fast foods, high … Continue reading

How Harmful Is a Constant Inner Critic?

I often wonder, why it is that we have such a hard time accepting ourselves? We are usually our worst critic and often unhappy with not just one thing, but with many things about ourselves. We have developed relentless inner … Continue reading