Eat to Meet Your Goals

Eat to Meet Your Goals

Are the choices you’re making every day supporting your goals?

Ask yourself: “How do I want to feel? How do I want to look?”

Allow those answers to be the catalyst that drives you in your daily life, envision your goals becoming magnets and let your beauty shine through from the inside out.

Be positive.
Be patient.
Be persistent.

Eating for Wellness: Deprivation or Freedom?

I just noticed in Barnes and Noble last night a new diet book – the Shred Diet.

weight loss jeansAs I paged through it, it has the usual menus: chicken breasts, vegetables, diet soda, unlimited water – you know it. It promises lots of weight loss quickly. And, of course, I have no doubt that if this plan is followed, it will result in weight loss.

Having had my own food and weight issues early on in life, I have found that all diets work! It’s just that they don’t seem to work for very long.

Why is that? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were just one quick answer for that question? However, it’s complicated.

I believe that weight loss has to first move from a weight loss endeavor to a seeking of a new way of being while adapting a new life style. This has many components to it, but one of them is a basic attitude towards foods.

We come to a diet, new or old, with many preconceived ideas. Ideas like:

This will be SO hard.

I only need to eat this way for a few weeks/months.

I don’t like this kind of food.

We have the strong association that dieting is painful. The treats are usually foods that are dead food but have been so doctored up by food manufacturers that they taste really good. I mean, who can say that chips aren’t delicious or chocolate isn’t a major food group or custard isn’t the best?

The treat is the food that has created the problem (being unhealthy and overweight). The reward has not shifted to living the benefits of the new way of life. Most people, who are healthy and happy with their weight, eat what many overweight people would call diet food. That’s their staple menu: lean meats and fish, lots of vegetables and fruits, good oils and grains; small amounts and usually infrequent sweets or processed food.

Changing within is the solution. It’s a process which takes effort but gives life-long satisfactory results. The idea that dieting is a time of deprivation is an attitude that sabotages efforts. It leads to feelings of self-pity, or justifies binges. What if we believed that eating foods that sustain health, wellness, and our weight as freedom? Is it deprivation to not eat processed food, sugary foods and fast foods? Or is it freedom not to be drawn to these foods often because of their taste or convenience?

Creating new beliefs can start with information such as the hazards of excess weight. Make it compelling and personal. In other words, really understand what it will cost you if you don’t raise the bar and do something new. Develop a very clear picture of the awesome way you will feel as you leave pounds behind while eating foods that actually support life and health. And don’t forget the benefit of having a body you love rather than a body you are not feeling comfortable with or, ever more, hate.

Jean Hausmann, Wellness and Weight Loss Coach and author of The Tale of Eating Beauty: How She Broke the Food Spell and How You Can Too!

Ask Viv: A Solution to Chocolate Cravings

Ask Viv questions

Question of the Day

Dear Viv,

I am so addicted to chocolate, I can’t stop. No matter what I do, the chocolate wins the fight. It constantly pulls me off my new eating plan. What can I do to stop these chocolate cravings?

Terri J.

Dear Terri,

I am going to suggest something new. Since we usually really want the thing that we are trying not to have, we can trick our craving. Relax a minute, take a couple of deep breaths and release tension. After a couple of minutes of breathing and releasing, imagine that you are in a room with nothing but your favorite chocolate. Begin unwrapping the first piece/bar and eat it slowly….. yumm, so good. Really savor and enjoy it. Now take a second and third. Keep on eating, allowing it to slowly melt in your mouth. You may begin to feel like you have had enough, but keep going. Keep eating one after the other until you feel you could NOT eat one more. Eat one more.

In the meantime, you are in a hot room and the chocolate has begun to melt, you see that you are covered in chocolate. You are sitting in it. It’s all over your arms and legs. Feel the warm sticky chocolate all over you.

If you do this vivid meditation a few times, chocolate will no longer be a problem.

Let me know how it works.


Each week, on Tuesday and Friday, you can have questions answered concerning losing weight, health, and wellness. The inner Wise Woman, Viv (the character who helps Madge transform her weight as well as her life, in The Tale of Eating Beauty) will offer advice for all inquiries and give you personal insights and answers.

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Before You Sleep – A Tip for Weight Loss

Let’s assume that you have launched your fitness/weight loss/wellness program. You’re filled with enthusiasm, maybe even joined a gym and your effort is paying off: you’re losing some weight.

Congratulations! Not everyone gets that far. But as we know, the novelty and successes can decrease: you cheat a little here and there; you have a bad day and you begin to think you might as well let go of your plan. Losing weight suddenly becomes very hard work.

I want to throw you a life-line. Remember the idea that a successful diet relies a lot upon “brain-training”? To increase your chance of success, you’re going to have to use your brain – your imagination. There’s a saying that when will power and imagination are in conflict, imagination ALWAYS wins. So, we’re going to harness your imagination and we’re going to win.

First, let’s look at the dark side and see how imagination sabotages our efforts. Think of a donut, a cheeseburger, or that delicious dessert on your favorite restaurant’s menu – the very foods that create heath and weight issues. When we imagine these foods, we also imagine how good they will taste, and before we know it, we are literally eating them. Can you relate? We can’t seem to stop ourselves in spite of our best intentions.

your food choices

Now let’s turn your imagination around. I want you to make a conscious choice to “choose” your fantasy, to take charge of your thoughts. This can be done anytime during the day, but one of the best times is before you go to sleep or right when you wake up.

Here is how you do it. Plan before bedtime the menus for tomorrow. Relax on a couch or in your bed. Make sure that you are comfortable and in a really relaxed state. Imagine a huge screen as in a movie theater. See the credits – you are the star. See yourself preparing the foods you have planned. Use lots of details. Start with breakfast. Let’s say that you have decided on two scrambled eggs, one-half piece of toast and one-half cup of blueberries. (If you think of scones, gently release the thought and stay with your plan.) Look at the different foods, watch yourself preparing them and even imagine setting the table. Now you see your food in front on you and you sit down and pick up the fork and begin to eat. Watch yourself eat slowly. See yourself stop eating when you feel full. Next imagine lunch and follow with dinner. Then imagine your healthy in-between meal snacks.

You have just set up new programs in your brain, similar to programming a computer. You’ve created new pathways – your brain now knows the drill. You have rehearsed, you know what to do and you’ll do it. Your imagined scenarios will shore up any flagging will power.

Do this every day for at least one or two weeks. You will have amazing results.

No Nonsense Coaching for Wellness and Weight Loss

Jean HausmannCoaching is a dynamic process between a coach and a client. It offers a unique opportunity to accelerate growth and achieve goals that have so far eluded you.

What I offer is simple: Coaching to achieve the results you desire. I won’t try and sell you something or give you reams of free material to wade through.

You will receive my book free as well as work sheets and the coaching program of your choice. I can keep you motivated, inspired, and accountable. Our sessions will explore what sabotages you and strategies to overcome them. We will set up a personalized program that will work for you.

If you are tired of gimmicks and never-ending sales pitches, if you are ready to get to work and stretch to your potential, I’m the coach for you. If you are tired of being stuck and are motivated to have the body you love, call or email me today.

Discover all the possibilities awaiting you. Let’s get it done!!

Ask Viv: Being Comfortable With Your Body

Ask Viv questions

Question of the Day

Dear Viv,

I am doing very well on my diet and have been happy with my progress. The problem is that I am still uncomfortable with how I look. I can’t seem to get myself to even wear short sleeve blouses — and it’s hot out! Do you have any suggestions?

Donna S.

Dear Donna,

Sounds like you have more of a self-esteem and self-like issue than a weight issue. When we are doing the right thing for ourselves, that’s great! Get your good feelings from inside you and focus on all the good things you are doing for yourself now, not from being a particular size or shape.

Listen to an inspiring meditation on loving your body, as-is, as soon as possible. Click on the home page link above and press the play icon on the free medication gift. Listen in and learn how to accept and respect yourself as your are transitioning.



Each week, on Tuesday and Friday, you can have questions answered concerning losing weight, health, and wellness. The inner Wise Woman, Viv (the character who helps Madge transform her weight as well as her life, in The Tale of Eating Beauty) will offer advice for all inquiries and give you personal insights and answers.

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Ask Viv – Counting Calories

Ask Viv questions

Question of the Day

Dear Viv,

Should I be counting calories on my diet? Some people swear by it and others say that it’s too restrictive. What do you think?

Carol D.

Dear Carol,

The question is, does it work for you? If it does, use it by all means. People count calories, they count carbs, they use specific plans, and some just cut back.

There are no shortages as to how to lose weight. Use what best suits you and begin to understand why you want to change. When the why is important enough the how falls into place.


Each week, on Tuesday and Friday, you can have questions answered concerning losing weight, health, and wellness. The inner Wise Woman, Viv (the character who helps Madge transform her weight as well as her life, in The Tale of Eating Beauty) will offer advice for all inquiries and give you personal insights and answers.

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For more answers on methods to lose weight that work, click HERE.

Blogging and Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Blogging
Starting a blog is a daunting prospect. I do not know the ins-and-outs of social media nor have I ever done much writing before my book, The Tale of Eating Beauty. However, I am motivated to learn and to get started!

What does this have to do with weight loss or weight management you might ask? It’s about setting a goal, putting forth the effort, and implementing what I know and learn. As I learn how to get my blog up and running, I also realize that it won’t be long before finding fresh topics and finding the time to write will become harder as the novelty wears off. That’s where the effort comes in.

The beginning is exciting after losing a few pounds. Then, what frequently happens is WHAM, you hit the brick wall.

We know what to do. We have the food lists. We bought the treadmill. We joined the gym, but we slack off. We lose interest. We cheat.

Here’s the implementing part: Doing what we know will work and then making the effort to follow through.

All change is a challenge. If we can see the effort part as a challenge and not a drudge, we can keep more of the energy and spark that we had in the beginning. Creating a new mindset around exciting and worthwhile challenges and quieting the negative saboteurs will help immensely with putting forth the effort.

Ask Viv – Beginning the Slide Backwards

Ask Viv questions

Question of the Day

Dear Viv,

After having lost close to 30 pounds, I am struggling to stay on track. All those tempting foods seem to be pulling me right back. HELP!


Dear Myra,

This is the time to really get into the pain of going backwards. What will it COST you to slid back and not persevere and change? How disappointed with you be? How frustrated and unhealthy will you be? How will clothes be fitting? How will you feel about yourself?

Next go to the positive: What great feelings of achievement do you feel when you do the right thing for your body? How proud do you feel when the number goes down on the scale? How much more energy do you have and how has you healthy already improved?

Really get in touch with both sets of feelings and keep all you reasons WHY you are doing this handy and read them often.

You will do it. I know you can.


How to Slow Down Aging

Stay Young, Beat AgingI wanted to write about something that many people, especially over 50, are interested in, that is, aging. We know that getting old is just a fact of life. It’s inevitable, but do we have to be old? By being old I mean feeling poorly, having low energy, dealing with health issues, losing interest in life, and losing vitality and energy.

According to Dr. Michael F. Roizen M.D., the author of Real Age, the answer is NO.

He says that being old is mostly the result of lifestyle.

We have two ages, our chronological age, say, 55, 68, 76 and then we have our Real Age. Our Real Age is the physiological age of our body. A person of 80 can have a Real Age of someone of 60, and a person of 60 can have a real age of someone much older depending on lifestyle and choices we make.

“Even though you can’t change your calendar age, you can make your Real Age younger … best of all, it’s not that difficult to do.” Roizen says that studies show that lifestyle choices and behaviors have far more impact on longevity and health than does heredity.

He has a test for you to take to determine your Real Age and then lots of suggestions for lifestyle changes to get your body physiologically younger. Check out the test at

Here are a few of his suggestions for lifestyle changes: Having a healthy weight, exercising regularly, not smoking, enjoying activities, connecting with loved ones, getting enough sleep, and taking certain supplements.

It’s never too late to get started making changes. Just start with one thing on the list and keep adding. A great place to start is with food and moving. Eat nature’s foods and eliminate processed food. This helps us lose weight. Begin some moving and build up to 30 minutes a day of fun exercise. Just these two changes do A LOT to enhance our energy, health, and vitality.